The spirit of the Massachusetts Farmer-Brewery
Jonathan from Middleboro, MA
May 18, 2014 at 10:22am
Jon Hartley from West Wareham, MA
November 24, 2013 at 7:42am
Had a Maple Scotch Ale at Buddy\'s Pub in Middleboro Friday night 11/22/13. Nice tasting, first time I\'ve had one of your beers. Very impressed. Good flavors- smokey, some maple, many flavors on aftertaste. I look forward to trying more styles.

Goodfellow's Brewing Company

Promoting sustainable small business for Southeastern Massachusetts

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Since 2006, our award winning beer has been recognized for quality during local, regional, and national brewing competitions. Best in class light hybrid for Blonde Ale and best in class IPA are among our flagship offerings.

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Goodfellow's Brewing Company
Goodfellow's Brewing Company - 19 hours ago..
"The third participant for a case study was owner/brewer John Goodfellow from Goodfellow’s Brewing. In 2011, he teamed up with Paul Hunt from Frugal Endeavors farm to create an authentic and unique brewer-grower partnership. The brewery itself sits upon a plot of the farm, and all ingredients grown by the farm, including hops, blackberries, and pumpkins get put into the beer. This creates an excellent microcosm of a ‘closed loop’ of money and ingredients that could one day come to represent the Massachusetts craft brewing economy." - Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. When we say GBC beers are made from locally sourced ingredients and that we honor the spirit of the Massachusetts Farm Brewery, we aren't kidding! Join us in growing our communities through responsible means!
Goodfellow's Brewing Company
Goodfellow's Brewing Company - 3 days ago..
Goodfellow's Brewing Company
Simply an unbelievable company filling a niche that supports local, independent business. Have a need to pair beer with.. whatever? Call Craft Brew Tastings
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